Manhattan represents many things to many people. A center of capitalism, a fashion capital of the world, global media and entertainment hub. It is famous for all things material. However, when I arrived here in the early 2000's, what caught my eye were the very many churches.

Churches in Manhattan are ubiquitous. They are in every nook and corner. Some apartment buildings (including ours) even have their own! Some are storied architectural marvels while others are quirky, non-descript and completely unexpected.

Churches in Manhattan remind me of Ganesh temples in Chennai, India, the city where I come from. Back there, Ganesh temples are found everywhere. Big, small, ancient, modern, these temples dot the entire city. These churches thus provide me with a positive feeling of familiarity.

For the last several years, it has been my desire to create a photo catalogue of these churches. And here it is in the making.

Churches of Manhattan aims to create postcards, posters and coffee table books featuring beautiful art and architecture that one can see in Manhattan Churches. 50% of all profits accrued from the sale of these products will be donated to the Robin Hood Foundation, New York's largest poverty-fighting organization.

***click here for my photography portfolio.
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